Adaptation of the intrinsic motivation inventory to Turkish

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  • İbrahim Duman Faculty of Education
  • Mehmet Barış Horzum Faculty of Education
  • Christoph Randler Didaktik der Biologie



Students' intrinsic motivation has a crucial role in their learning. In this context, the intrinsic motivations of students should be taken into consideration in educational activities. In this contribution, the scale developed by Wilde et al. (2009) was adapted to Turkish Culture. This is an intrinsic motivation scale, which is an adapted, time-economic version of the “Intrinsic Motivation Inventory” by Deci and Ryan. The short scale has four factors namely interest/enjoyment, perceived competence, perceived choice and pressure/tension with three items each. Data were collected from 230 high school students in order to analyze the scale's factorial and construct validity. The linguistic equivalence step was carried out by consulting expert opinion because the scale measures intrinsic motivation and because intrinsic motivation differs from one context to another. Confirmatory factor analysis results of the scale, the results for construct validity and the findings obtained for the reliability of the scale showed that the Turkish adaptation is a good and time-saving assessment tool for intrinsic measuring motivation during lessons.




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Duman, İbrahim, Horzum, M. B., & Randler, C. (2020). Adaptation of the intrinsic motivation inventory to Turkish. International Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies, 7(3), 26–33.