Investigation of Intergenerational Romantic Relationship Perception

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  • Eyüp Çelik Sakarya University
  • Fatma Bingül Sakarya University
  • Mehmet Kaya Sakarya University



The aim of this research is to examine the perception of intergenerational romantic relationship. In this study, phenomenology method, which is one of the qualitative research methods, has been used. The sample of the study consists of 113 participants, 52 of whom are male and 61 are female. While 8 male, 4 female participants fill in the form face to face, 44 male, 57 female participant responses the answers online. Participants have been completed the answers to the research questions online. In the data analysis, inductive content analysis has been used. In the analysis of the research findings, it has been concluded that there are differences in the perception of the X, Y and Z generation participants in romantic relations by taking into account the gender and marital status variables.




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Çelik, E., Bingül, F., & Kaya, M. (2020). Investigation of Intergenerational Romantic Relationship Perception. International Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies, 7(3), 194–208.