A Bibliometric Analysis of Research on Teacher Emotions

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  • Ümit DİLEKÇİ Batman University, Batman, Turkey
  • Abdullah MANAP Batman University, Batman, Turkey




This study mainly aims to reveal the bibliometric profile of research on teacher emotions. To this end, the study sought answers to seven research questions, including the most frequently used keywords and their relation networks, the frequency distribution of articles by country and the collaboration network between countries, the frequency distribution by years and the number of citations, the most prolific scholars, the most cited articles, the frequency distribution of articles by WoS categories, and the most prolific universities. The study employed the bibliometric method. The data were limited to the Web of Science and retrieved only from this database. The first search yielded a total of 598 publications. However, those who did not satisfy the criteria were excluded, and the analysis was conducted on the remaining 521 publications. The findings of the study can be summarized as follows. 255 keywords were used at least twice in the articles (excluding search terms). The top five keywords were "emotion regulation, teacher education, teaching, teacher identity, and emotional labour." The researchers who published on teacher emotions were from 54 different countries, and the five countries with the most publications were the United States, China, Germany, Australia, and England.The most publications were in 2019. The top ten most prolific scholars published 70 articles, and the most cited articles were published in 2011.




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DİLEKÇİ, Ümit, & MANAP, A. (2022). A Bibliometric Analysis of Research on Teacher Emotions. International Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies, 9(4), 1222–1235. https://doi.org/10.52380/ijpes.2022.9.4.860