Teachers' Experiences Regarding the Use of Social Media for Educational Purposes

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Social media, social media in education, educational technology, teachers' experience, media in education.


The purpose of this study is to reveal the meanings teachers attach to social media and their experiences regarding the use of it for educational purposes. A qualitative research design and phenomenological approach were adopted in the study. The participants were formed using criterion and snowball sampling methods and consisted of six teachers working in different branches in primary and secondary schools. The data obtained was analysed using the content analysis method. The results revealed that teachers used social media for personal and professional development. Teachers considered the educational content on social media sufficient, beneficial, and useful. Furthermore, social media is an alternative and supportive mechanism that can overcome shortcomings in resources. The use of social media for education by teachers had a positive impact on students. This research provides teachers who want to address and engage with the students of the twenty-first century and other stakeholders in education with striking examples of how social media can be used effectively for educational purposes in practice. The study also categorized teachers' experiences.




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Aydoğmuş, M., Tut, E., & Karadağ, Y. (2023). Teachers’ Experiences Regarding the Use of Social Media for Educational Purposes. International Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies, 10(1), 69–82. https://doi.org/10.52380/ijpes.2023.10.1.855