Investigation of the Roles of Social Media and Game Addictions in Adolescent Parent Conflict

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Adolescent parent conflict, social media addiction, game addiction


Today, the use of technology not only affects social relations, but also affects the relations of family members who are part of the society. Technology can negatively affect especially adolescent parent relationships within the family. In this study, it was aimed to examine the roles of social media and digital game addictions, which are technology-based addiction types, in the conflicts in adolescent parent relationships. The sample of the study consists of 686 high school students studying at various high schools in Eskişehir. In the study, personal information form, adolescent-parent conflict scale, social media addiction scale for adolescents and game addiction scale for adolescents were used in order to obtain data. The predictive correlational research design, one of the relational models, was used in the study. According to the results of the study, it was found that both social media addiction and game addiction were positively and statistically significantly correlated with adolescent parent conflict. According to the results of the regression analysis, it was found that social media and game addictions significantly predicted adolescent parent conflict. The findings and results were discussed in the light of the relevant literature and suggestions for future studies were presented.




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Yılmaz, S., & Pamuk, M. (2023). Investigation of the Roles of Social Media and Game Addictions in Adolescent Parent Conflict. International Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies, 10(1), 61–68.