Advice for Academician Mothers with Only Child: "I Wish He Had A Brother"

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Only child, Academician mother, Family demography, Sibling, Qualitative research


The purpose of this research is to reveal what kind of reactions academic mothers get from having a only child and their thoughts on having a child again. In this study, descriptive phenomenology design, one of the qualitative research designs, was used. The study group of research was composed of 9 academician mothers (32-51 age range; age range at marriage: 22-35; duration of the marriage; between 7-23 years) with an only child (5-25 age range), using the criterion sampling method, which is one of the purposive sampling methods. Inclusion criteria for the research; They are academicians who have a child of at least 5 years old and have only child. A semi-structured interview was used to collect the data. Content analysis was used to analyze the data collected. As a result of the analysis, the theme of "I wish he had a brother" was reached. As a result, it has been seen that academic mothers with one child are supported by their spouses to have one child; however, most of them want to have a second child. tap here to enter text.




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BATMAZ, H., & ULUSOY, Y. (2022). Advice for Academician Mothers with Only Child: "I Wish He Had A Brother". International Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies, 9(2), 509–524.