Experiences of Primary School Students and Classroom Teachers in Philosophical Events

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  • Aylin YAZICIOĞLU Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey University, Karaman, Turkey




Philosophy events, teacher, primary school student


This study aims to reveal the experiences of primary school students and teachers in the philosophical activities organized with children. As one of the case studies types, a holistic single case pattern was adopted in the study. The study group was composed of primary school third-grade students and their classroom teacher, and activities on philosophy with children were carried out over the period of seven weeks with the participants. The data for the study was collected through observation notes, interviews, and diaries. Descriptive and content analysis were used in the analysis of the data. Considering the teacher’s views and observation notes as a result of the seven-week practices carried out within the framework of philosophical activities with children, it was observed that the students participated in the activities willingly and fondly and were active in the process. Moreover, it was observed that the students were in the questioning process throughout the activities, put forward different ideas, tried to reason, defend their ideas, and were open to discussion and communication. The teacher stated that the philosophical activities were different, enjoyable, and instructive for her and her students. The views expressed by the students about philosophical activities in their diaries were collected under various themes.




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