Leadership Characteristics of Female School Principals According to Female Teachers

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Female teachers, Female managers, Career Barriers, Characteristics of Female Managers


Although the number of female teachers in schools is higher, this is not evident when looking at leadership levels. Various studies have examined this situation. In this study, the perspectives of female teachers working in private schools who are gradually raising their educational levels are discussed in depth about female head teachers. For this purpose, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 37 female teachers working in private schools in the Anatolian part of Istanbul. The data were analysed using content analysis, one of the qualitative analysis methods. As a result of the research, three main themes were found among the characteristics of female leaders, the competencies of female leaders, and the impact on the work environment. Under the theme of characteristics of female leaders, there are five categories: being selfish, forming problematic working relationships, being detail-obsessed, being jealous, acting emotionally; under the theme of competencies of female leaders: they lead well, their leadership skills are weak, they cannot be fair and impartial, they are not solution-oriented. The theme of the impact of female leaders on the work environment is a chaotic environment; communication is important, supportive environment.




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