The integration of immigrant students in the class-rooms of Torreblanca Secondary School


  • Mario Ferreras-Listán University of Seville (Spain)
  • José Antonio Pineda-Alfonso University of Seville (Spain)
  • Mario León-Sánchez University of Seville (Spain)
  • Verónica Sevillano-Monje University of Seville (Spain)



Thanks to the intercultural training of secondary school teachers, it has been possible to improve the inclusion of immigrant students in school classrooms. Reality shows that greater attention to this type of student by teachers, as well as by other colleagues, considerably improves their academic success. It also favours greater personal development within the socio-environmental context in which they live. The Erasmus + Quammelot project, after planning and executing a specific training course for Secondary Education teachers, includes the results obtained in several Spanish schools, among them the IES Torreblanca. These results have been obtained attending to the personal and academic needs of immigrant students. This work gathers the main results obtained in three of the didactic interventions developed along the eight modules that compose the training of the participating teachers. Throughout these three didactic proposals, information units have been collected referring to the learning of the attitudinal dimension at an initial moment (M1) and at the end of each proposal (M2). After the analysis of the information obtained, it has been possible to verify that the motivation, interest and participation of the students improves notably, regardless of whether or not they are immigrant students.