A Qualitative Research on the Problems and Expectations of Imam Hatip Secondary School Students (The Case of Istanbul Province)


  • Ahmet KOÇ Near East University Faculty of Theology




Imam Hatip Secondary Schools are the schools in which religious lessons taught selectively in other secondary schools are taught as part of the curriculum. It can be said that the expectations and goals of students who attend these schools and their parents who send their children to these schools differ in comparison to other secondary schools. The aim of this research is to examine the problems of Imam Hatip Secondary School students in school, to learn their expectations and to identify the school of their dreams. The research was carried out through a semi-structured interview form, one of the qualitative research methods. It was held in 2019 at the 13 Imam Hatip Secondary Schools in Istanbul with the participation of 156 students. The research in which the results are given by creating themes; reveals that the students are generally satisfied with their schools, they love the school more to see their friends and participate in the activities. In addition, students have emotional expectations from their teachers and administrators; like showing them more interest and smiling. Students described their dream schools as follows; school uniform is not compulsory, they only attend lessons of interest and have longer break hours. Teachers can have short conversations with their students before starting the lesson. Motivation activities can be held for the lessons students are hesitant about whether they will benefit them in the future. Most importantly, school can be developed in line with students wishes and needs by holding frequent meetings with their.