Volume 2 - Issue 2

May 2015

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Incarcerated mothers and fathers: How their absences disrupt children's high school graduation

Anh-Luu Huynh-Hohnbaum Tim Bussell Gi Lee
Pages: 1-11

The United States is faced with a growing number of children who have incarcerated parents and nearly one quarter of children who fail to complete high school. It has been shown that parental incarceration negatively impacts academic outcomes. This study examined whether parental incarceration affects children’s high school graduation. Data on 12,418 young adults was drawn from the Add Health Wave IV dataset. Logistic regression analyses examined differences between maternal and paternal incarceration and the effects of chronicity of incarceration. Whereas both were found to reduce the likelihood that children will complete high school, maternal incarceration had a greater impact. This study fills gaps in the literature examining differences in parental incarceration. Practice and policy implications are discussed.

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Teachers Views On Variations At Organization Structure Of National Education

Yasemin Ayyıldız Ali Haydar şar Abdullah Işıklar
Pages: 12-21

The aim of this study is to examine how the changes occurred at national education organization structure are perceived by teachers according to gender, professional career and the institution which schooling grade the teachers work. The study was carried out with the correlational research method. According to results obtained in study; It’s observed that Gender parameter has shown significant difference on deciding organizational need and evaluating organizational variations of Organization Structure of National Education. It’s observed that there is no significant difference on planning, applying and philosophical aspects of Organizational Variation At National Education Organizational Structure, there exist significant difference at variable of Professional seniority and this variation was observed for the teachers who have 1-5 and 16-20 years’ service period. It’s observed that there is no significant difference on planning, applying and philosophical aspects of Organizational Variation At Organization Structure of National Education, there exist significant difference at variations of organization structure of National Education, there exist significant difference on planning and evaluating organizational variation according to school type and this difference is observed between primary and high school teachers. It’s observed that there is no significant difference on planning, applying and philosophical aspects of Organizational Variation.

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Pre-service Science Teachers’ Views on Conceptual Change Strategies and Practices Carried out

Güliz Aydın
Pages: 22-34

This research was conducted to determine pre-service science teachers’ views related to misconceptions and conceptual change strategies at an urban university in Aegean Region, Turkey. It was a 5-week study with 28 students. Before the implementation, students were given a test which consisted of open-ended questions aiming to determine the pre-service science teachers’ ideas about misconceptions and conceptual change strategies. On the first week of the study, students were given information on how to identify and remove the misconceptions by using conceptual change strategies. Different kinds of activities based on conceptual change strategies were also presented to them. Seven groups were formed with 28 people and they were asked to prepare activities based on conceptual change strategies related to a unit in middle school science curriculum. They chose a unit and prepared activities for two weeks. Secondly, they presented their activities in the classrom during two weeks. After presentations, a test which had the same questions with the 1st test was given to the pre-service science teachers. Also the 2nd test had three different questions, which was related to their opinions about the applications from the 1st test. The results of tests were analyzed qualitatively. Before the study, pre-service science teachers didn’t know how to identify and remove misconceptions exactly. Thanks to this study, they learned conceptual change strategies and their applications. After the study, they said that they liked the activities based on conceptual change strategies.

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Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions of Technology and Multiliteracy Within the Inclusive Classroom

Julie Corkett Tina Benevides
Pages: 35-46

The increased use of technology in today’s schools has created new possibilities for pre-service teachers and their students. Rather than limiting the use of technology based on student ability, it is now possible for pre-service teachers to develop integrated multiliteracy lessons that integrate technology and enhance student learning. Technology in the form of apps for iPads, iPods, and desktop computers enable teachers to achieve this goal; however, pre-service teacher’s perceptions of technology and teacher self-efficacy in relation to technology may influence whether technology is integrated into their lessons. This paper examines 144 primary/junior pre-service teacher’s self-efficacy and perceptions of technology before and after developing an app based multiliteracy lesson plan. Findings suggest that new teachers were more comfortable with the idea of integrating technology into their lessons after researching and completing a lesson plan focusing on the use of apps within an inclusive classroom.

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Testing your Tests: Reliability Issues of Academic English Exams

Nesrin Oruç Ertürk
Pages: 47-52

A testing unit or a tester when writing exam questions generally have millions of issues in mind such as, the reliability, validity, clarity of instructions, design, layout, organization, quality, and many more. However, testing units preparing tests for EAP (English for Academic Purposes) has some other concerns about their exams such as, appropriate topics for listening and reading texts, authenticity, etc. Test writers also have to consider the focus on language skills development, the full coverage of skills, effective learning tasks and the variation in the activity types for all faculties. The main purpose of the study in hand is to investigate the quality of the tests written for the freshman students of Izmir University of Economics. One of the other main purposes of the study is to evaluate the EAP tests written for this institution according to Olaofe’s (1994) eight criterion for good EAP tests.

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We would like to announce you that the 3rd issue of International Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies(IJPES) has been published. IJPES highlights the current issues in psychology and education research. IJPES is an international, professional referred journal in the interdisciplinary fields sponsored by ERPA and Sakarya University. 

This journal serves as a platform for presenting and discussing the emerging issues on psychology and education for readers. In this issue IJPES published 5 articles. Many thanks to all contributers. We would like to enjoyable reading our 3rd issue. 


Dr. Murat İskender 


May, 2015