The Investigation of Primary School Teachers' Opinions Related to the Current Events

Volume 3 - Issue 3
Halil İbrahim SAĞLAM Rabia Eda Bozkan Erkan Bozkan
Pages: 44-49 Download Count : 841 View Count: 1236 DOI Number 10.17220/ijpes.2016.03.005 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


The aim of this study is to examine primary school teachers’ opinions related to current events. The study group is consisted of total 30 primary school teachers who take part in 15 female (%50) and 15 male (%50) in Sakarya during 2015 -2016 the education year. The study is carried out under science facts pattern of qualitative research designs. In order to reveal teachers’ views on current events, the form of semi-structured interviews from which is qualitative data collection tools is used. There are two sections in this study. First section is about teachers' personal information and second section is about teachers' questions to determine their views on current events. For the content validity of the questions in the negotiation form, it has been consulted with three experts and made the necessary adjustments in line with their proposals. In addition, the clarity of the questions in the negotiation form has been checked by discussing with five teachers and then the form has been finalized. The data obtained from teachers is analyzed by using content analysis. In the study, it is concluded that 97% of the teachers follow the current events. It is shown that 93% of female teachers and 100% male teachers follow the current events. Also, it is indicated that %100 of the teachers use the internet in their house.


  • Current events
  • primary school teachers
  • social studies lesson.
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