A Measure of Pre-teachers’ self-regulation learning strategy :Adjust Industry 4.0 & 107 Curriculum Reform

Volume 5 - Issue 2
Chun-Mei Chou Chien-Hua Shen Hsi-Chi Hsiao Tsu-Chuan Shen
Pages: 12-20 Download Count : 1130 View Count: 1294 DOI Number 10.17220/ijpes.2018.02.002 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


This study describes the development and validation of self-regulation learning strategy scale, a 30-item scale that measures pre-teachers’self-regulation learning strategy toward Industry 4.0 & 107 Curriculum Reform. A total of 476 pre-teachers completed the questionnaire. A pilot study (n= 120) was examined factorial validity and reliability of questionnaire and study objects (n= 356) used confirmatory factor analysis. The Self-regulation Learning Strategy Measure (SLSM) has three-factor model (Environmental Orientation, Behavioral Orientation and Process Orientation Self-regulation) was fit using maximum likelihood estimation (MLE). The self-regulation learning strategy scale could be useful for understanding the ways in which teachers think about self-regulation learning issues and could be used to investigate the relationship between other variables. The applications of the SLSM were discussed.


  • Industry 4.0; 107 Curriculum Reform; Self-regulation Learning Strategy
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